Vihtavuori Powders

The selection covers more than 20 different types – a right choice for all disciplines, guns and shooting styles.
Vihtavuori reloading powders

  • Are manufactured by highly qualified employees of EURENCO Vihtavuori Oy in Laukaa, Finland
  • Ensure clean burning and repeatable shooting properties in all weathers and conditions
  • Have uniform and superb quality based on full control of the whole production chain beginning from the production of nitrocellulose to the bottling of the end product
  • Strict quality acceptance limits have helped reloaders and cartridge manufacturers to achieve similar loads regardless of the production lot for more than 85 years
  • Have achieved a strong position among top class shooters around the world
  • Are available with 26 different powder types, which can be divided to four different product families:


N100 series

The N100 series powders are single base powders used mainly in rifle calibers. There are ten N100 series powders with different burning rates and suitability from the .17 Remington up to the .458 Winchester Magnum and two special powders for .50 BMG

N300 series

The N300 series powders are single base porous powders for handguns. There are altogether nine handgun powders with different kind of shooting properties and suitable applications

N500 series

The N500 series powders are impregnated extruded rifle powders with Nitroglycerol added as extra energy component. If higher loading densities and more energy are needed, N500 series powders are competent alternatives for the N100 series powders. N500 series High Energy powders are available in five different burning rates