MBR Sporting Primer Prices

We're no longer selling anything that looks like a primer coming from the USA as the prices have gone beyond stupid. 10p a primer, I remember when they were £10 a box! Magtech primers are excellent quality but nothing will arrive till October at the earliest...

We've a limited supply of Remington Large Rifle Magnum primers just in




Small Pistol


Large Pistol


Small Rifle


Large Rifle


Large Rifle Magnum

£65.00 x




Primer pocket dimensions and tolerances
Pocket Type Depth Min Depth Max Diameter Min Diameter Max
Small Rifle/Pistol 0.1170 0.1230 0.1730 0.1745
Large Rifle 0.1250 0.1320 0.2085 0.2100
Large Pistol 0.1170 0.1230 0.2085 0.2100
Primer dimensions and tolerances
Primer Type Height Min Height Max Diameter Min Diameter Max
Small Rifle/Pistol 0.1150 0.1250 0.1745 0.1765
Large Rifle 0.1230 0.1330 0.2105 0.2130
Large Pistol 0.1150 0.1250 0.2100 0.2120


Prices as at 29th June 2022