I want to distance sell my Firearm/Shotgun/Mod

How do I do it? - Here we go...

1 The buyer first needs to send you their FAC/SGC for you to endorse AND some money (always helps)!
2 Check it to ensure it's:
  a) Not a copy
  b) Personal details are correct on page 1
  c) Certificate is in date
  d) For an FAC, has entitlement to own the item listed ("Firearms authorised to be purchased or aquired")
  e) For an FAC, has the slot already been used (check "Table 1")
3 Endorse Table 1 on the certificate
4 Generate an F11 as the seller (notification of Transfer/Sale for your Force Area) and send it in (you can download a copy from your Force Area website).
5 Post the Certificate back to the purchaser
6 Find an RFD to ship the item to their receiving RFD
7 Bring it to the shipping RFD
8 They will...
  a) Check and copy your details for their Register
  b) Confirm receiving RFD's details
  c) Wrap and ship the item for you
  d) Charge a fee (obviously!)
9 Buyer takes their newly filled (by you) Certificate to their nominated RFD who...
  a) Checks for verification that the item's been entered correctly
  b) Writes the buyers details in their Register
  c) Charges a fee
  d) Buyer sends in their notification of transfer as a purchaser to their Force Area

There you go... simples (not!)

BTW, this is straight from the Met Police