Fitting a safe to the wall is a relatively simple process. You can use either expanding bolts or epoxy masonry resin.

Make a template of the rear of the safe from cardboard or backing paper and use it to best place the location for your gunsafe.

Alternatively, give us a ring and we can recommend a safe fitter to come round and install it.

Types of fittings

Expanding bolt Expanding bolts work well to anchor gunsafes to walls, they do have a tendancy to blow out or pop brickwork though. The good side is if you need to move the safe, the holes can be easily filled and re-decorated Epoxy resin High performance epoxy resin, coupled with 8mm stainless steel threaded bolts work very well and you'll not pop bricks. The downside is if you have a wonky wall, it's very easy to pull a gunsafe out of shape by over torqueing the nuts down. The bolts remain in the wall so you'll need to angle grind them down if you remove the safe.